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NUMAT wrap around services poster

A poster promoting wrap-around services used at NUMAT-supported health facilities.

Wrap-Around Services

Wrap-around services are non-clinical services contributing to the success of HIV treatment by providing critical resources for people living with HIV (PLHIV) and their families. These services include:

  • Access to nutrition and food support
  • Family planning
  • Water and sanitation
  • Orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) support
  • Spiritual and psychosocial support
  • Counseling
  • Non-food item distribution
  • Income-generating activities
  • Legal assistance
  • Human rights protections

Increased access for PLHIVs and their families to wrap-around services is one of the critical elements of NUMAT’s comprehensive prevention, care, and support framework. Its objective is to ensure that PLHIVs and their families continue to access and utilize high-quality, ongoing care and support services. This is expected to improve their quality of life. The wrap-around services needed are many and vary significantly. No individual organization is able to provide a whole range of services and meet all needs of PLHIV. NUMAT does not directly provide these services but coordinates with providers to ensure effective linkages and accessibility for PLHIVs and their families.

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NUMAT strengthens systems and mechanisms to increase access of PLHIVs to care and support services not directly provided. The program works with partners to build and strengthen collaboration with implementing partners, local government, other community organizations, PLHIV networks, and the private sector operating in the region, to create effective linkages to these essential wrap-around services.

The NUMAT approach also involves capacity building of PLHIV networks and groups to ensure active participation and promotion of access to wrap-around services through advocacy. PLHIV volunteers are supported to serve as service navigators, connecting fellow PLHIVs and their families to wrap around-service support.

Finally, NUMAT strengthens referral networks in the region. This has involved the establishment of HIV & AIDS referral networks at the district and sub-county level, conducting service mapping exercises, the development of a service directory on available wrap-around services, conducting joint meetings for service providers to streamline the referral system, and the development of referral and tracking tools.

Specific Activities

  • Training and support of selected PLHIVs to work as Network Support Agents
  • Holding regular exchange forums for wrap-around service providers and PLHIVs
  • Collaborating with the PSI/PACE Project to support PLHIVs’ access to Basic Care Package commodities
  • Conducting radio programs on wrap-around services

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