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NUMAT discrimination and stigma poster

A NUMAT poster promotes behavior change to combat stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV.

Reduction of Stigma and Discrimination

NUMAT works with faith-based organizations as one of its strategies to combat stigma and discrimination in Northern Uganda. Faith-based institutions are one of the most sustainable ways to reach out to people living with and affected by HIV & AIDS; but more often than not they are left out by most interventions and organizations. Many religious leaders in Uganda struggle to balance religious moral teachings with the reality of a community struggling with the HIV epidemic.


NUMAT uses the “Channels of Hope” approach to challenge the attitudes of religious leaders in an effort to transform stigma and discrimination to active involvement in care and support for people living with and affected by HIV & AIDS.

Following sensitization training, faith leaders can select several people in each congregation to form an HIV/AIDS Task Team (CHATT) to attend a five-day workshop. The CHATTs work with different congregations to encourage members to change social norms. They also support congregational leaders and trained facilitators to promote the utilization of HIV counseling and testing services and life skills for youth.

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