Program Areas

NUMAT community outreach

A NUMAT-trained community resource person conducts a prevention outreach session.

Community Services

NUMAT implemented sexual and behavioral HIV prevention interventions, including:

  • Abstinence and be faithful (AB) strategy for adolescents and youth
  • Abstinence, be faithful, and condom use (ABC) for adult prevention

The AB interventions included programs, services, and messages that discouraged multiple and/or concurrent partnerships, cross-generational and transactional sex, sexual violence, stigma, and other harmful gender norms and practices. AB interventions also targeted youth with skills-based sexuality and AIDS education, and worked with parents and guardians to improve parenting skills.

NUMAT's ABC interventions included prevention programs for male circumcision, counseling and testing, and awareness of stigma, discrimination, and social norms that affect behavior. The ABC program also promoted messages on abstinence, delay of sexual debut, mutual faithfulness, partner reduction, and correct and consistent use of condoms by those whose behaviors place them at risk for transmitting or becoming infected with HIV.

Sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) was tackled through prevention and response efforts to create awareness, strengthen community structures for referring cases, and provide both legal and medical services to survivors of such violence.

NUMAT also motivated faith-based organization leaders and their congregations to respond to HIV & AIDS. Community leaders and religious leaders mobilized to promote an environment to mitigate SGBV and the stigma and discrimination associated with HIV & AIDS.

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