Program Areas

Clinical Services

NUMAT clinical shot

A NUMAT-trained health care provider examines a patient.

NUMAT worked to ensure that quality HIV & AIDS, TB, and malaria services were more accessible and better utilized both at the community and health facility level.

HIV & AIDS services included:

  • HIV counseling and testing
  • Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT)
  • Palliative care
  • Antiretroviral therapy services

Tuberculosis services were strengthened and made more relevant to disease burden levels through the scale-up and strengthening of the TB directly-observed treatment strategy, and by integrating TB and HIV collaborative activities.

NUMAT’s malaria interventions had a broader focus, as the program contributed to the national strategy of reducing malaria morbidity and mortality. Initially, NUMAT focused on two areas: enhanced case management of malaria through support to home-based management of fever with a focus on support to community medicine distributors, and the promotion of intermittent presumptive treatment during pregnancy, integrated into PMTCT.

A critical prerequisite for the strengthening of malaria, HIV & AIDS, and tuberculosis services was the need for a functional laboratory system in order to improve access. Accordingly, NUMAT strengthened laboratory services in Northern Uganda. Additionally, strategies were adapted to strengthen human resources for health as another key pre-determinant of better clinical and community-based health care services.

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