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Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Services


Informing and sensitizing clients on treatment adherence is a vital component in the provision of antiretroviral drugs at NUMAT-supported health facilities.

NUMAT began its work in ART service provision in Northern Uganda with a comprehensive review of 28 existing ART sites. Gaps, challenges, and opportunities in the provision of and in quality access to antiretroviral drugs at points-of-care were recognized. Major findings included:

  • Few skilled health personnel were present at the sites
  • Poor ART logistics management and reporting was common, contributing to erratic ARV drug supply from the national medical stores
  • CD4 testing was largely inaccessible, only available at four missionary hospitals and at one specialized laboratory
  • CD4 testing machines that had been supplied earlier to the regional referral hospitals by the government were non-functional due to lack of reagents and maintenance

Strategies designed to address these gaps included: securing political commitment; strengthening capacities of existing health systems; ensuring uninterrupted supply of ARVs and diagnostics; ensuring treatment adherence through partnerships, including people living with HIV; monitoring and evaluating performance; and operational research.

Specific Activities

NUMAT developed channels of collaboration with the AIDS Control Programme/Ministry of Health, district health teams, and with health facility directors and staff. Together they selected the first 15 ART sites to receive NUMAT support. These sites, all government-owned, included three district hospitals and 12 health center IVs. Seven additional health center IVs and 10 IIIs were later selected, bringing NUMAT support to a total of 32 ART sites.

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