Northern Uganda Malaria, AIDS & Tuberculosis Programme (NUMAT)

NUMAT was a 6-year, offsite icon USAID-funded project designed to expand access to and utilization of HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria prevention, treatment, care, and support activities in conflict-affected districts of Northern Uganda. Over the course of the project, NUMAT expanded the geographic coverage and populations served by strengthening local government responses, expanding the role of communities in planning implementation and monitoring activities, and building upon existing networks. Learn more about NUMAT.

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Featured Tools: Data Monitoring for Safe Male Circumcision (SMC)

NUMAT developed several tools as part of a monitoring system to track data on an SMC expansion activity...Read More »

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Feature Story: Healthy Babies for All Mothers

Susan and her husband Patrick visited the health center for antenatal care during her pregnancy. While there, they received HIV counseling and testing, and discovered they were both HIV-positive...Read More »

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Feature Story: Good Information for Good Health

NUMAT improves health care access and quality by teaching good data management...Read More »

NUMAT Featured Publication

Enhancing Health Systems & Services in a Post-Conflict Setting: Stories from the Northern Uganda Malaria, AIDS, & Tuberculosis Programme (NUMAT) is available.
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NUMAT Programme Districts

map of Uganda with northern districts highlighted map of Uganda with northern districts highlighted